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Hi, my name is Christine, and I’m a nail artist! And Lua Pressed-on Nails is my inspiration project of 2020.
I became a new mum just at the beginning of the first lockdown, and all the new routines and adjustments got to me…And one day, I just felt like I needed something to make me feel normal again, so I started designing these pressed-on nails to glam up, even just to walk around the house, or for a quick trip to pickup groceries.
Lua_press_on_nails provides you the custom and personalized nail sets with all the high quality gel polishes. All our nails are hand-painted, reusable and durable. With just 25$ you can receive 10 nails and a application kit includes:
Nail file, nail buffer, cuticle pusher tool, adhesive nail stickers, nail glue and alcohol pad.
We offer free shipping in Hamilton.