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My experience and training in conscious business, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, astrology and reiki allow me to hold space to share and educate on all the mystical magical things in the universe, with the ultimate intention being community building. Be Mindful Studio is a way for me to combine all that I know and love and passionately share it with you! I create and share digital content and run online events and courses that will educate and inspire your own spiritual well-being and transformation and change the way you think about your overall wellness.

What is an astrology reading? I first take your birthdate information to get your natal chart from This chart is like a blueprint of your soul and can describe your personality, life purpose, careers, relationships major themes in your life and more. Together we explore and uncover what your soul wants to experience in this lifetime. It is also a great self-awareness tool. You will feel like you know yourself so much more after a natal chart reading so you can always make decisions in your life that feel in alignment and right to you!